10 Things I Learned at the Anaheim Shaklee Global Conference

Shaklee Global Conference 2010

Shaklee Anaheim Global Conference 2010

Cars, cash, trips, and dreams.

My first Shaklee Global Conference

I just returned from my first Shaklee Global Conference. What a great event. There were so many friendly, positive, successful people all in one place – thousand of them!

10 things I learned at the Conference:

  1. Shaklee is a family.

    If a family can be defined as an association of people who share common beliefs or activities, then Shaklee definitely qualifies. Everyone I met had goals, experiences, and aspirations that I can identify with. I felt like I belonged.

  2. I belong to an amazing group.

    I met many of the successful business leaders in the same group to which I belong. There were a few familiar faces, but it was an opportunity to become acquainted with people I had only heard about before. It was like a family within a family.

  3. It is more fun being around positive people than negative ones.

    Everyone was upbeat, interested in learning new things, and excited about the changes in Shaklee. People were easy to talk with, genuinely interested in me and my Shaklee story, and were excited about continuing to build their business.

  4. Shaklee continues to improve the business opportunity.

    The Dream Plan announced by Shaklee is an exciting improvement to an already great opportunity. I don’t have years of experience to make comparisons with, but the Shaklee team seemed to “wow” everyone I talked to. Even the most seasoned veterans were telling me this was one of the most significant program changes they have ever seen.

  5. Shaklee continues to improve the product line.

    The new Fiber Advantage Bars, Get Clean Water filtration system, the FDA approved Cholesterol Reduction Complex, and Vita-D3 are incredible new products that will make people more healthy – and should be easy to use to impress new and existing customers.

  6. Shaklee people want to help each other.

    I would sit down at any table and start talking to people and quickly have things to talk about and discover many things I could learn. No one was “hoarding” their secrets to success – they wanted everyone to succeed.

  7. Success brings recognition as well as rewards.

    The top leaders were very well rewarded – highlighted by the line of new Mercedes Hybrid automobiles handed out. But success was recognized and rewarded at all levels, giving everyone encouragement to continue building their business.

  8. Shaklee International is a growing and exciting business.

    All of the international teams were well represented and recognized. The future of Shaklee Global is very bright, with a good foundation to build upon.

  9. Shaklee knows how to put on a great event.

    The venue, organization, and presentations were extremely professional. It made me feel like I was part of an organization that was confident and knew what they were doing.

  10. Enthusiasm is contagious.

    It would be difficult to come away from the Global Conference and not be impressed with Shaklee – both the people and the opportunity. Success breeds success. I can only imagine the sales volume the company is going to experience in the next few weeks!

Also the underlying theme of the event was that no one gets to be successful by luck or connections. It is based on work, hard work. And this experience makes me – and I am sure many others – want to get busy right away. I want to be on that stage next year!

If you were at the Conference, say hi and leave your comments below. I want to stay in contact.

What do you think?


Lucy says:

Thanks for the insight. I have been searching for more information on Shakilee.

Tom Leonard says:

Thanks for the insights. I have been searching for more information on Shakilee.

Gary Sikich says:

Tom, great job! As I may have mentioned to you, the first convention we attended was in San Francisco 6 (?) years ago. We have come back every year and ramp up our business because of the 10 things you mentioned. (You get it! Why can’t everyone!) Great meeting you- we’ll keep in touch!

Laura Collins-Hughes says:

Thanks Tom for sharing this with so many. We are so glad you were with us in Anaheim. I love your summary of your experience at the conference here. I hope everyone who reads it makes plans to join us in DC as well. These events can truly be life changing.
Wishing you all the best!

Roger Barnett says:

You have done a great job capturing what makes conference so unique. In my 6 years with Shaklee, this has been by far the best conference, both in terms of the substance of what was launched and the feeling of total partnership and familyship between the company and the field. Thanks for sharing your perspective and sharing the dream!

Dan Doxey says:


What a great conference! Thanks for sending me to your blog. It looks really, really great. I agree with everything you say about conference 100%.