Consumer Reports on Supplements Consumers Should Avoid

In the latest issue of Consumer Reports, they review supplements that consumers should avoid. This is good information for everyone interested in taking vitamin supplements and other natural products to improve their health.

Click here to view their Press Release.

What does this mean for people taking vitamin supplements?  It means that you need to be informed. While you need to subscribe to Consumer Reports to get the information we encourage everyone to check it out. Consumer Reports is a valuable resource for information on many products and services. And nothing is more important than your health. Knowledge is power here.

As an Independent Shaklee Distributor we actively promote many natural products that we feel can make your life healthier. In checking the ingredients for Shaklee products we could not find any of the items singled out by Consumer Reports to be in any of the Shaklee products.  We will be getting more information and posting it here for a full story.

Shaklee promotes the Shaklee Difference – which means that the company takes this type of information seriously and only produces supplements that are healthy to take. Of course you will want to review the product labels and pay particular attention to the correct recommended dosage.

We also agree with Consumer Reports that you should consult your doctor about any supplement you decide to take and get their opinion as well. That’s their job to know what is good for you.

Let us know if you find anything in your Shaklee products that make you question their value. We will research the answer and report back on what we find.

What do you think?