What is Shaklee Global?

Shaklee began in the United States in 1956.

Recently the company has been expanding into select global markets.

Which Countries Are Included in Shaklee Global?

These markets currently served by Shaklee include:

Shaklee Global Markets
Shaklee Canada

Shaklee Canada

Shaklee Canada Website (English and French)

Shaklee China

Shaklee China

Shaklee China Website (Chinese)

Shaklee Japan

Shaklee Japan

Shaklee Japan Website (Japanese)

Shaklee Malaysia

Shaklee Malaysia

Shaklee Malaysia Website (Bhasa Malaysia)

Shaklee Mexico

Shaklee Mexico

Shaklee Mexico Website (Spanish)

Shaklee Taiwan

Shaklee Taiwan

Shaklee Taiwan Website (Chinese)

And Shaklee will begin operations in Indonesia shortly.

The global markets are becoming increasingly important to the company as growth in these new markets has been incredible.

In each country Shaklee has established an operation which includes top-of-the-line training facilities where new Shaklee Distributors can learn about the business and have local contacts that know both the culture of each country as well as the culture of Shaklee.

How Can You Join Shaklee in Any of These Global Markets?

You can go to the individual country links above. There is a description of each program with many of the details available for anyone interested in starting their own Shaklee business.  Most of the sites include links to download applications and other materials. For each of the countries listed above there is a link to both the section on the Shaklee Global website as well as a link to the Shaklee website in the local language.

But the best way is to contact us and let us help you get started. If you are interested in learning more about Shaklee, click here to contact us.

Why is Shaklee Successful in Global Markets?

As you can see, the company is not trying to enter every market. Instead the approach is to do things the right way. It takes time and a significant investment for each new county. But because of this preparation, Shaklee is able to succeed in the global marketplace. The training materials and the local staff handle all of the business in the local language.

Another factor in global success is the product line. Because everyone in the world is interested in leading a healthier life, you would be offering high-quality products that people want and need. Shaklee products are also good for the planet. They are friendly to the environment and have been that way since Shaklee was founded. To see the products available in each market you can see the local product catalogs on the Global Web Site.

Why Should You Want to Work with Us?

We already know Shaklee and how become successful. We can help you out by spending time reviewing the program with you. And because we have many years of developing successful Shaklee businesses in the United States, we know how it is done. We know the products as well as the program which can be used for anyone to become a success if they are interested in working hard to succeed.

Because of the internet it is possible to speak with us on Skype and using email so we are a part of your business.

We hope you are as interested in Shaklee as we are in developing global distributors. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Good luck!

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