Hand Tremors

Hand tremors can be a tough thing to live with. I have seen it first-hand. And it is not easy.

Hand tremors can be called different things – benign tremors or essential tremors. And they may look like Parkinson’s Disease, but it isn’t quite the same.

There could be many causes of hand tremors, but I am not the medical authority on that. It seems like they are also hereditary – which isn’t good news for younger members of a family.

Hand Tremors Treatment with MindWorks

Hand Tremors Treatment with MindWorks

There are so many things that we do with our hands, that when we start to lose control, it can really cause significant problems. Things that were always simple such as writing and eating with a spoon or fork can now become hard to do with hand tremors.

Hand tremors run in my family. Mostly from one side, and it has impacted many members, but not all. At least to the same degree. I am not sure why that is, but it makes all of us think if that is something in our future as well.

I have done plenty of searching for possible causes and treatments. And I haven’t found as much as I would have thought for this type of problem. But then the causes aren’t as important as what can be done to lessen the impact of hand tremors.

Hand Tremors Treatment

As I said, I am not a medical authority – far from it. But I have found some interesting developments with MindWorks – which is a new natural product that improves blood flow to the brain. Now that seems to be on the right track.

I have found three opinions – two from people effected with hand tremors – and one medical doctor who report some progress. I have spoken to one woman who has seen a tremendous improvement in her ability to steady her hand tremors. The video below shows some interesting comparisons in her handwriting before and after starting using MindWorks.

Then I heard from a couple of other people who reported that their hand tremors were greatly reduced after taking MindWorks. Here is what they were reporting:

This just happened yesterday and we are all pretty amazed! I told Carol, who has benign tremors, that at the Shaklee conference last Saturday a gal spoke and shared that her mom had really bad tremors(shaking)  She told her mom about the new Shaklee MindWorks (for the brain) and on the 3rd day of taking the one pill, her tremors were gone!  They couldn’t believe it, but they were gone.

So Carol decided to give it a try starting on this Wednesday and when she came to New Dimensions on Friday morning, we all noticed that her tremors were gone!!!  GONE!!   Obviously this works as this was really apparent!! Pretty mind boggling to all of us who were there.

And the one doctor I heard speak about it said that he didn’t have any first-hand experience with patients with hand tremors getting improvement but he felt that there was every indication that it could be effective.

Everyone is Different

Now does this mean that everyone with hand tremors will see them go away if they start taking MindWorks? Of course not. Everyone is different. But if this is something that could actually make a difference, why shouldn’t people try it for themselves? There isn’t much of a risk and the potential of reducing hand tremors would make an incredible difference in people’s lives. And the lives of people around them.

I also know that the doctor in my family checked out the ingredients – primarily Vitamin B. non-caffeinated guarana, and grape seed extract – and said in his opinion there was nothing that could cause any problems.

If you or someone you know suffers from hand tremors, I would recommend checking out MindWorks. Click on this link to learn more about the product.

If you do try it out and discover for yourself if it works or not, please come back and put it in the comments below. That is how we will all learn more if this is effective for hand tremors.

Thanks and have a great week!


PS: If you are interested in trying MindWorks for yourself or for someone you know who suffers from hand tremors – click here to check it out.

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