FitBits | Motivation - Do one thing a day that scares youThanks to Lululemon for this mantra to live by 🙂

It doesn’t look that scary. Until you step on the board.

I didn’t realise when I started skateboarding just how difficult it is to actually commit to stuff and land a trick. It’s not the same fear I’ve felt when scaling a climbing wall, stepping into the boxing ring, or jumping into deep water. It doesn’t make me cry, or panic, or rush with adrenalin.

It just stops me from trying.
Case in point: A few weeks ago we went to one of Brighton’s quieter skateparks to have a play, and whilst Chris got to work reminding himself how to do ollies and learning how to pump round the bowl, it took me the whole session to grow the balls to skate in from what must’ve been a 4ft ramp. It’s not overly high or intimidating – until I stood on the board at the top of it.

I’ve been skating weekly at Brighton Youth Centre with She Shredders so have got used to one place (with lots of friendly people to help me), and as soon as I put myself in a new environment it all went to shit.

After much faffing I got angry with myself and did it anyway, with varying levels of success:

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