In Defense of Exercise Machines


rudyAmerica’s always been infatuated with the comeback story.

Iconic movies like Rocky and Rudy have immortalized it; we revel in the undergods and ride their stories for weeks and months on end.  

Unfortunately, when a comeback story transforms into a mainstay, it loses its luster. 

If the comeback is as American as it gets, so is our obsession with demonizing. 

Whether it’s because we enjoy doing it or it’s so inherently coded in our DNA that we must do it to survive, we do it and we do it gladly.

How many headlines have you seen that read that claimed carbs will make you fat? And fat will make you fat? And kale is the greatest thing you can shove into your mouth. Fruit will destroy any chance of you getting lean. Consuming gluten will kill you. And organic calories don’t matter. 

The mad science never ends. It continues on the training front as the demonization turns into ludicrosity. We’ve all heard them: 

Back squats will make your spine explode.
Curling in the squat rack will make you public enemy number one.
Foam rolling is the most important thing you can do.
Foam rolling makes no difference.
Body part splits are a waste of time
Steady s…

What do you think?