This Is the Last Yoga Mat You'll Ever Buy


Manduka Prolite Mat Manduka PROlite Mat

Yoga brings us to our happy place. But nothing robs us of our bliss like our knees grinding into the mat (is it foam or sandpaper?) or our sweat-covered hands and feet starting to slide (a no-slip betrayal, we call it).

There’s got to be a better mat out there, right? If you own a $20 one from a big-box store, the answer is almost certainly yes. Yoga mats, like cars, come in different models, and the Manduka PROlite is basically the Rolls-Royce. It’s perfectly padded without being too cushy (say good-bye to sore joints) and has just the right amount of grip.

The PROlite does come with a hefty price tag (the standard version will set you back $80). But we think it’s worth every penny. Yoga on the Manduka mat is completely pain free, making us want to practice even more. And with ample padding, it’s equally great for Pilates or general stretching. The best news? PROlite comes with a lifetime warranty, so if it wears out, you can easily get a replacement (no questions asked). Anonymity—that’s one way to keep us feeling zen.

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