4 Clean-Eating Recipes to Reset Your Body

Source: http://www.sonima.com/food/eating-clean-recipes/

Amie Valpone put on 40 pounds over the course of five days. The 22-year-old’s small 5-foot-2 frame was suddenly retaining buckets of water in her legs for no clear reason. The bubbly blonde had also lost her trademark pep, and her immune system seemed to have shut down. In the emergency room, she discovered that her white blood cell count had dropped critically low. Doctors speculated she might have leukemia, but when she tested negative, they were at a loss.

For the next seven years, Valpone would receive a long list of other false diagnoses and incorrect medical treatments that seem to make her mysterious condition worse. Along the way, she was called many names (from hypochondriac to anorexic to bulimic), quit her corporate job, went on disability, turned her small Manhattan apartment into a makeshift medical center, and contracted a near-fatal bacterial infection called C. difficile colitis during one of her many hospital visits. At age 28, Valpone was given 24 hours to live.

“After surviving C. difficile colitis, I decided I was done with Western medicine. It kept making me so sick,” says Valpone, who was already in the process of getting her integrative nutrition degree at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which, at the time, was affiliated with Columbia University. That’s when she decided to open up to her readers on TheHealthyApple.com—then her year-old recipe blog—about her health struggles and was surprised…

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