4 Reasons Why Offering Custom Made Training Solutions is Bad and How to Fix it

Source: http://www.theptdc.com/2016/01/why-offering-custom-made-training-solutions-could-eventually-kill-your-business/

“Will build to suit.”

It’s an attractive headline on real estate signs that are promoting a space available for lease. In your fitness business, however, it’s detrimental.

I should know.

For a while, I sold myself to clients with the promise that I would build a customized package just for them. I spent an embarrassing amount of time with a spreadsheet that compiled various prices for different services offered. It didn’t take long before I had 20 different clients on 20 different programs and a scenario Urban Dictionary might refer to as a “hot mess.”

Every time I sat down to help a client, I had to madly sift through their contract papers to find out what I promised to deliver. This proved frustrating, and as a result, I often neglected something that they paid for, or provided a service that wasn’t included. In the end, what I got were wasted time, a poor customer experience, and lost revenue.

Perhaps you’re now where I once was: unable to see the chaos that ensues with the desire to please the masses. Take a page from my book before things get too out of hand and address it—unless your goal is to work more and earn less.

Here’re four reasons why a custom program for every client doesn’t work, and how to fix this model:

1. It’s ineffi…

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