4 Ways To Build Long-Lasting Client Relationships

Source: http://www.theptdc.com/2016/03/how-to-build-long-lasting-client-relationships/

Building rapport with clients is essential to our long-term success. Anyone can run someone through an assessment or design a program — great trainers set themselves apart by cultivating long-lasting client relationships.

The key is establishing a foundation of understanding and meaningful interaction, ensuring that not only the clients’ needs are met, but that their training session represents an enjoyable experience they’re willing to come back for again and again.

Here are four expert strategies you can employ to develop rapport and build long-lasting client relationships…

1. Body Language 

Understanding body language is an important skill for any trainer. You need to know when clients are buying in to what you’re saying, or more importantly, when they’re not. Look for things like:

Eye contact
Arms – folded or by their side?
Where are their shoulders facing?
Are they subtly nodding or shaking their head as you speak?

Little cues like these can help you understand where a client’s head (figuratively) is at. If they aren’t making eye contact and their shoulders face away from you as you try to address them directly, they may not be into what you’re trying to say.

Always try to re-position yourself if you feel this may be happening. Body language is innately tied to emotion, and one can influence the other. Helping a client change their body language to be more open can help make them feel better and more …

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