6 “Tough” Coaching Techniques For Improving Client Experience And Accountability

Source: http://www.theptdc.com/2016/01/6-tough-coaching-techniques-for-improving-client-experience-and-accountability/

Most of us preach moderation.

Fitness and diet needs to be a part of your lifestyle, not be a burden, or something that you run your whole life around.

Consistency and moderation over the long-term is far better than getting all hardcore and “engaging beastmode” for a short period, then falling completely off the wagon.

So why not use this mantra with clients?

There’s no need to get seriously strict, and there’s no reason to effectively be little more than a friend to your clients by not giving them any form of structure and accountability.

Here are 6 “tough” coaching techniques for nailing that balanced approach:

Alison about to kick some butt

1. Use the Compliment Sandwich

Sometimes referred to by a slightly ruder name (ahem, by PTDC head coach Jon Goodman in Ignite the Fire), the compliment sandwich works a treat with clients:

Give a compliment
Advise on what they could have done better
Finish on another compliment or a piece of positive advice

Here’s an example using my weight loss client Alan who went out for a meal a couple of Saturdays back. Our conversation went something along the lines of –

Alan: It was just supposed to be a meal with a few old school friends. I knew the restaurant we were going to, so decided I’d go …

What do you think?