7 Ways to Get Through the Day on Little to No Sleep

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As a certified holistic chef, it’s humbling to admit that one major aspect of health continues to elude me: sleep. I’ve battled insomnia for the last 10 years, trying every Western, Eastern, prescription, OTC, and home remedy imaginable. Some work for spats of time, but ultimately, I’ve accepted that my sleep is consistently inconsistent.

I’ve also become fed up with the innumerable articles, books, and expert opinions about the importance of sleep. The people who benefit from this barrage of literature are those who can sleep well but just don’t make or have the time. For us insomniacs, it’s all just salt in the wound. Trust me, no one understands the importance of sleep better than an insomniac.

That’s why I’ve decided to approach my sleep struggles with a new tactic. Instead of spending precious energy on fixing my sleep during the night, I’ve turned my attention to the best ways to manage my sleeplessness in the morning.

Through research and ample personal experience, I’ve gathered countless tips for optimizing productivity and happiness when I’m suffering from exhaustion. I certainly don’t advocate skipping your zzzs if you can help it, but I’ve also learned that poor sleep doesn’t need to ruin your life.

Following these suggestions won’t make your fatigue disappear completely, but it can seriously combat the damage and help you get through your day.

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