Advice for Dealing With an Injury (From People Who’ve Been There)


Being injured sucks. It’s that simple. And when fitness is a major part of your identity, it can seem like your whole life is thrown off track.

Watching your goals and aspirations slip through your fingers can cause even the most resilient of us to spiral into sadness. While feeling down may be inevitable at times (it’s OK to cry it out!), know there is light at the end of the tunnel—and probably a silver lining. An injury can help you realize you’re not defined by your workouts, and it may even open the door to discover new passions or ways to exercise.

Most of all, keep in mind that others have gone through the physical and mental challenges, and they’re ready to help you cope. We asked 11 athletes, serious competitors, and general fitness enthusiasts to give us their best advice for staying sane while sidelined with an injury.

Advice for Injured Athletes

1. Remember you're not a one-trick pony.

“While it is perfectly fine to be sad, angry, and disappointed for a little while, it’s important to remember there is more to you than your sport or fitness passion. Even professional athletes who do this for a living hav…

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