Benefits of Exercise when Pregnant


Pregnant? Not sure about exercise? Coach Damien Woodson, a personal trainer based in Ashburn, VA, discusses the benefits as well as precautions to take.


I’ve worked with a lot of pregnant moms over the years and the first thing I recommend is talking to their doctor about what they can and can’t do.


Debbie pregnant

Debbie Staying Healthy While Pregnant!

One of those Mom’s, is Debbie . She has been active her whole life and doesn’t see the need to stop because she’s expecting.  This is her second child and she wants to be in the best shape possible during and after labor.  Debbie works out with us 2x’s a week AND does some cardio on her own.


Top Ten Benefits of Pregnancy from “What to Expect”


Pregnancy comes with its share of annoying complaints. But the more you exercise during pregnancy, the less you’ll find to complain about. There’s a case to be made for fitness for everyone, but in moms-to-be specifically, pregnancy exercise can:


Fight pregnancy fatigue. Low-level tiredness plagues many women during the first trimester, then again late in the third trimester. It seems paradoxical, but sometimes getting too much rest c…

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