Camp Nerd Fitness 2016! Here’s how to book your spot.


“Camp was a long weekend where I could be comfortable being myself, meeting others, and learning new things, in a way that I have never experienced outside of Camp.”

“I was most surprised by how comfortable I felt at Camp – after the initial shock of being there, it felt like home, and people whose faces I had never seen before felt like friends.”

“This community is the most supportive, empowering, and non-judgmental group I’ve ever been a part of.”

– 3 campers, Camp Nerd Fitness 2015


It’s time to officially pull back the curtains on my favorite five days of the year: Camp Nerd Fitness 2016 THIS September 21-25.

For the past two years, hundreds of Nerd Fitness Rebels have descended upon the gorgeous mountains of Georgia for an epic long weekend of fun, fitness, video games, costume parties, and everything in between.

It’s our own private Hogwarts, complete with Headmasters, costumes, and a questing system woven throughout the entire experience.

I know I’m not alone in saying every year this is a life-changing event. I’ve left each event the past two years a complete mess: my sides are sore from laughing, my mouth actually hurts from smiling so much, and my hand is sore from all the high fives. And yet it leaves me energ…

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