Dining Out

Source: http://nextlevelfitness.com/dining-out/

I just got back from a long weekend of snowboarding, and I have to tell you, I love traveling, but it got me thinking of how I could maintain the nutritional habits I need for this contest while still enjoying the trip.  Traveling and eating correctly isn’t easy.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m home and in my normal routine, I find it easy to keep up good nutritional habits.  When I’m traveling, not so much.  For one, it’s not always convenient to have the right food handy.  Second, you’re doing what more often?  that’s right – eating out.  If you’re on the road (unless you’re camping) then you will be hitting the restaurants.  Personally I think that’s part of the fun of traveling.  Here are some dining out tips that could be helpful:

1. Don’t go starving.  If you normally eat every three to four hours, then try to stay on that schedule.  Snack if you need to.  Don’t “save up” your appetite.  If you do, you’ll over-order.  If you would normally have a dinner salad and then a dinner entree, then do the same.  You don’t need three appetizers to go with it.

2. Eat your vegetables.  This is important whether you’re on the road or at home.  Vegetables are filling and keep you from eating too much of the bad stuff.  Many places now are health conscious enough to honor your special requests (steamed, not sauteed, etc.)

3. Eat sl…

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