How to Know It’s Time to Leave Your Gym


For one reason or another, you feel like the time has come to move on from your current gym. But with that feeling comes unease, fear even, as well as feelings of cautious excitement for what may lie beyond your current gym walls. This is normal. Everyone goes through this, but the comfort of knowing you’re not alone doesn’t make leaving your gym any easier.

Depending on how long you’ve been with your gym, it feels more like a break-up than anything else. You may have grown very close to those clients who have been with you for years, shared their personal lives with you, and maybe even shed a few tears on your shoulder. But no matter how many “Hey, I really enjoyed that workout today” or “Hey, I finally wore that dress I have been waiting to wear.” texts you get from your favorite clients, that feeling of being gnawed at from the insides just doesn’t go away: Somehow in your heart’s heart, you know you want to leave your gym, but should you?

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How to Know It’s Time

Truth be told, there is no perfect time, or some grand sign that will make you realize it is time to quit.

Sure, you may encounter some more obvious situations (e.g. physical risk of harm, sexual harassment, unethical behavior) that’ll pave a clearer path for you to the exit, but outside of those instances, you can reflect on whether one or more of the following is true:

You have no ro…

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