Listening to Music While You Work Out Just Got Way Easier


Man Running Using Mighty Audio

A decade ago Apple unveiled the iPod Shuffle, and fitness fiends, accustomed to clunky Walkmans, rejoiced. It was light, durable, and played hundreds of songs with the click of a button. But, thanks to services like Spotify and Pandora, no one actually uses iPod Shuffles anymore.

Now you’re forced to lug your phone with you. OK, lug is a little dramatic, but smartphones are super fragile and expensive. Plus, streaming music can totally burn through your data plan and your battery. Not to mention your phone can be a huge distraction when working out (texting on the treadmill is like playing Russian roulette).

But Mighty is changing the game. An iPod Shuffle for the streaming age, the sweat-proof device clips onto your waistband, backpack strap, or shirt collar, and even if you do drop it, there’s no screen to crack. Plus, using Mighty is super simple. Open the app on your phone (it works on iOS and Android) and select the Spotify playlists you want to sync via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. One caveat: The device works only with Spotify Premium. Mighty can store up to 48 hours of songs, and the battery can play five hours of continuous music, so even marathoners won’t be stuck without tunes.

Mighty is still in its Kickstarter phase, but you c…

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