Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Rustoleum Kit before and after pics


Hey guys!  So I wanted to hop on here and show you a project I did recently.  We decided that the kitchen needed an upgrade and painting kitchen cabinets was the first DIY project on the list.  The old oak builder’s grade style was just not doing it for us anymore so it was time for a DIY cabinet transformation.

I had always wanted to try out the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit because the reviews on Amazon are always amazing.  I have also found myself stalking tons of before and after pictures on Pinterest (we won’t talk about that little obsession of mine though..), so I figured it was time for me to showcase my own Rustoleum Kitchen Cabinet Transformation – Before and after pics!

Side note…I didn’t get this product for free..and no…I wasn’t paid to write this post..I’m just a huge fan of this stuff now and want to show off my hard work :)

I bought a kit on Amazon and it’s only $75.  Yep…you can transform your whole kitchen for under $100.  Ri-DONK-u-LUS, right?!

You can get the small kit or the large kit.  The small kit covers up to 100 sq. feet and the large kit covers up to 200 sq. feet.

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What do you think?