Rethinking Arm Workouts


I’ve been writing articles about arm workouts for 15 years. Besides abs, there’s no trait that guys desire more than muscle biceps and defined triceps, which is why I have a big confession to make: I wish I shut up and learned a little more before writing many of my earlier articles.

For years, I was pulled in one extreme direction or the other, never really finding the sweet spot that resulted in real growth. It started when I was sucked into the idea of “you don’t need curls to build bigger arms.” Big mistake.

After my anti-curl era, I was obsessed with progressive overload. That is, I only concerned myself with using heavier weights on all exercises—curls included. This led to non-stop elbow issues and more time rehabbing than growing.

Today, things are different. I know the exercises, rep ranges, and frequency that help build an impressive set of biceps and triceps. Avoid my mistakes from the past and follow my tips for the future, and maybe – just maybe – I’ll never have to write one of these articles again.

Arm Workouts Require a Pump

As much as I love using heavy weights, great arm workouts usually require plenty of volume to help with growth and reduce the likely of injury to your elbows. And the reason is simple: when you go very heavy, you start cheating more than you want. A few cheat reps are fine on any exercise, but your arms will grow by volume and tension. If the weight is too heavy, you start to use your trap…

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