Self Defense Workshop 101


Self Defense Workshop 101

Self Defense 101 Workshop

Reserve your spot for the Self Defense 101 Workshop. Details below

We will be doing a self defense workshop within the next two weeks.
The exact date will be set after we have a Paid sign up of at least 14 then we will determine the time and date that works best for everyone!
The dates we are looking at are Friday November 3rd or November 10th 6 to 9 pm.
If Saturday afternoon works better for everyone the we can do  Saturday November 4th or November 11th  12:30 to 3:30pm.
Please specify your preference.This workshop is designed to teach the easiest, safest and most effective techniques to defend against the most common attacks.
The techniques you will learn can buy you enough time in a violent attack to get away!Some of what will be covered in the workshop:1) How to get out of a choke hold
2) How to escape easily when you are grabbed
3) The Safest way to control and defend against different striking attacks.
4) The best targets to strike to immobilize an attacker.
5) How to escape when you are grabbed fro…

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