Shut Up and Do Something


it's time to shut-up and do somethingA gentle nudge doesn’t always get you moving in the right direction. Sometimes what you really need, is a punch to the throat. And you’re in luck! Today I’m handing out mint chocolate chip ice cream cones and throat-punches, and, as the saying goes, I’m all out of ice cream cones.

Normally I’m well mannered and delicately put you on the path of least resistance to reach your goals. “Yes, go this way, please. Careful. Don’t trip.”

Sometimes that approach is beautifully effective. Other times, it’s not. Sometimes it’s best not to be polite or soft spoken. Sometimes a more aggressive approach is needed and, when that time arises, well …

Prepare, my friend, to receive a proverbial throat-punch.

Guess what: We complain too much. I know I do, because I discovered that recently. (I read A Complaint Free World and was astounded to realize how much I complain every day. I suggest you check out this short book on the topic: Click here to grab a cheap copy; that’s an affiliate link. I dare you to take the no-complaint challenge posed in the book: Go 21 days without complaining. It’s significantly more challenging than you realize, and you’ll likely make the same sobering discovery I did: you complain more than …

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