The Posture of Meditation


IMG_9677_A-200x300Stress is so prevalent in our culture that being stressed out is considered a ‘normal’ state of being. If you’re racing from appointment to appointment, working, worrying and losing sleep at night, you’re just one of the many that do the same thing day in and day out.

The Yin for this Yang is meditation. Meditation is the conscious act of stilling the body, mind and soul. Spending just a few minutes meditating can transform how you feel when dealing with modern life. It is the counter balance for activity.

In order to optimize your sit, you should consider the following:

The body must be relaxed

This implies that your spine is perpendicular to the floor and the muscles that hold the spine are relaxed. This is probably the biggest issue that anyone new to sitting has to deal with. To help reduce the workload, it’s critically important to have the pelvis at the same level or higher than the knees. Sit for meditation and feel the muscles around the pelvis, if they are working, sit on a pillow and notice the difference. Sitting cross-legged will always activate the lifters that connect the pelvis to the thighs inhibiting the body’s ability to relax.

The abdomen and ribs must be able to relax

When the breathing slows, or almost stops, the body will…

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