This Impressive Avocado Art Will Make You Hungry for More


The avocado Instagram competition is fierce, especially when it comes to toast. But Food Deco’s Instagram account takes photographing the favored fruit to a whole new level.

Some images will leave you wondering if they even contain food—they’re that beautiful and intricately designed. Colette Dike is the mastermind behind the account and related site, which she hopes will inspire readers to not only cook but also decorate.

Check out a sampling of her work below, then go follow Food Deco, because, well, a) it’s just plain gorgeous and b) avocado noodles.

Avocado toast gets a makeover. So fresh and so green, green.

You can eat that?

Avocado noodles? Excuse me?

Did someone say whipped feta sauce?

What do you think?