Ugly Produce Is Coming to a Store Near You


Imperfect Produce: Misshapen Potato, Tomato, and Lemon

Photo: Imperfect Produce

We’ve all passed over crooked carrots and bruised apples at the grocery store. (If we’re going to pay that much for produce, it better be perfect.) But ugly produce is totally safe to eat, and now it’ll be available at Whole Foods in Northern California and Giant Eagle stores in the mid-Atlantic states.

Misshapen foods are usually much cheaper than their counterparts—reason enough to stray from your discriminatory ways. At Giant Eagle, for example, you can score a 4-pound bag of blemished navel oranges for $2.99, a whole $2 cheaper than the conventional kind.

Purchasing ugly produce also helps with our major food waste problem. Nearly 40 percent of food produced in the U.S. each year goes uneaten, in part because certain fruits and veggies are deemed too unappealing for store shelves. Being less wasteful and getting more bang for your buck seems like an obvious win-win to us.

(h/t NPR)

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