Ultra White Collar: Time to Believe

Source: http://www.thefitbits.com/2016/03/ultra-white-collar-time-to-believe.html

We find out our matches tomorrow night. 

I hate this part of the process – the build up. It’s one thing to spar with people in your group, but as soon as the word ‘matching’ gets mentioned it all gets a bit tense. Everyone starts sizing each other up.

It’s been doing my head in all week but the wait will be over tomorrow so I’m gonna quit worrying and do my best, whoever they put in front of me.

White Collar Boxing is such an immersive experience.  You can’t flirt with it – you have to get right into bed with it. 
For eight whole weeks it’ll consume your every waking thought.

You train alongside strangers who quickly become good friends. You sweat with them, cry with them, and laugh with them. Then you punch those friends, and get punched back; and you’re scared of some of those friends, and what they’re capable of, how good they’ve got, and how shit you think you are in comparison.

Sometimes you’ll have an ace session, feeling strong, focused and switched on. Others, you’ll get battered; your head will throb, yo…

What do you think?