Why Loving Your Body Is Not an Excuse to Do Nothing

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In 2016, the “love your body” movement took off. The premise, as I am sure you’re aware, is to love your body right now.

The message is that whether you’re the fittest woman on the the planet or if you have 200 pounds to lose, love your body. No matter what our size is, there is something beautiful in the reflection it gives. Loving our bodies is about loving ourselves, unconditionally, inside and out. Forget about why your pants are tight or how if you tilt your head down, a double chin forms. We are more than the “imperfections” we see. We are amazing creatures that are strong and capable.

Yes, all of us! And our bodies do not define us. It’s a powerful message, right? One that I love and respect.

But I also kind of hate it. A lot.

Hear me out on this one, before I receive hate mail from beautiful women all over the world. The true meaning of the movement is awesome, and when taken as it’s meant to be, it’s the perfect motivator to better yourself.

However, we’re human, and oftentimes, we interpret the meaning how we want to, whether it’s out of laziness or “settling.” That’s the part of the “love your body” movement I’m not happy with.

Settling for the Current Love Your Body: Taylor Ryan November 2015 …

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