You Don’t Know Fit (How You Look Is Least Important)


you don't know fit

Fit is a tool of empowerment. Fit makes your life better. Fit builds you up.

Fitness. Fit, for the short-hand version.

What immediately enters your mind when you think, “I’m going to get fit” or “Hot damn, she is fit.”? Ooh, and let’s not forget the social media phenomenon of fit-spiration with its surplus of motivating memes showing us what it means to be fit.

When we declare our intentions to “get fit” we imagine how we will eventually look in our new state of fitness. When we exclaim that someone is fit we’re usually commenting on that person’s physical appearance.

Let’s talk about this a bit. Let’s define fitness and what it means to be “fit” because, as it turns out, we don’t know fit.

Get Your Fit Together!

Even though physical appearance is typically the main indicator people point to for “being fit” (brace yourself): how you look is the least important part of fitness. 

So, what the heck does it mean to “be fit” and how should we define it?

Fit means performing tasks of daily living with ease. Feeling great. Having energy. Receiving good news with your yearly physical and blood work (or at least moving those markers in the right direction).


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