Build Good Habits With Your Clients Using Simple Calendar Alerts


As business owners, we know the importance of setting goals and creating habits to get us there.

That without knowing our destination we cannot create the proper roadmap to guide us. Well, the same goes for our clients.

As coaches, we will do whatever we think is necessary to help clients build the habits they need to achieve their goals. If they want to lose 15 pounds, we start with small steps that they can work on so that they can go on their merry little way towards weight loss success. Simple, right?

Unfortunately, it just never works so easily.

In order to keep clients consistent, increase their adherence, and make things easier for both them and us (because let’s face it, that’s what we all want), they need constant reminders or guidance for even the simplest things. After all, they don’t know what we coaches know, and that’s why they come to us.

But these reminders aren’t just us pestering them via email or text, or putting sticky notes on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, on the steering wheel, or in their pocket.

They need reminders that actually make an impact and don’t end up crumpled at the bottom of a trashcan.

So, what other option is there?

The answer is automated remi…

What do you think?