How the Dharma Yoga Wheel Can Aid Your Practice


The Dharma Yoga Wheel is a revolutionary prop that helps assist anyone looking to develop a deeper backbending practice. The wheel stretches deep into the hard-to-reach places in the body including the shoulders, chest, abdomen, hip flexors, and spine. The sequence below is designed specifically to help warm and cool down these key muscles before and after any activity.

Roll Back

Before fully arriving in to this posture, roll forward and back on the wheel a few times to smooth through any kinks in the back body. Once you feel comfortable, let the wheel come to the center of the back, drape yourself over the wheel and relax the head and neck. You can modify with bent knees.

Shoulder Opener


The higher the wheel is located on the back, the easier it is to reach the arms up and over. Sometimes you may need to push the feet into the ground and lift the hips up while reaching for the wheel. Once the seat is planted on the floor, and you have a firm grip of the w…

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