I'm Always Tired! Am I Pushing Myself Too Hard or Is Something Actually Wrong With Me?

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Q: I’m a 25-year-old woman trying to balance kicking off my career, spending time with my boyfriend and friends, and staying healthy by making it to the gym. I get enough sleep, but I’m still constantly exhausted. How do I know if I’m always tired because I’m pushing myself too hard or if something is actually wrong with me?

A: Great question, and one I imagine just about every woman—regardless of age—has faced at one point or another.

I can certainly relate. Trying to juggle my roles as mom, wife, and entrepreneur is no easy feat and that nonstop schedule can definitely impact my energy levels. But even though I sometimes feel spent at the end of a busy day, the tired feeling I get nowadays is nothing compared to the crushing fatigue I experienced when I was living through serious hormonal turmoil.

Even though your daily to-dos might be different than mine, you’re balancing a lot and trying your best to do it all perfectly. But whether you realize it or not, the stress of a hectic schedule can and does impact your hormonal health, and that might explain your overwhelming exhaustion.

Extreme fatigue is no joke; it can cloud your judgment, put you on an emotional roller coaster, and have real physical repercussions. All of this can impact your endocrine system in a major way, and chugging venti soy mochas in an effort to combat the crazy-making tiredness only make matters worse.

Occasional sleepiness is perfectly normal, but …

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