Is One of These Limiting Beliefs Preventing You From Getting Healthy?


Photo by donnierayjones

Photo by donnierayjones

One of my hobbies is asking every random person I talk to how they feel about their health. The stories I hear range from super sad to downright hilarious. Yet despite the diversity, a few common themes emerge.

Most people agree that health is important. And while answers may vary about what actually constitutes “good health,” few people believe they have achieved it or are satisfied with where they are at.

Where things really get interesting though is when I ask someone what stops them from being healthier. Surprisingly few people give hedonistic reasons such as “I love junk food too much” or “I just don’t want to cut back on TV,” although I do hear it occasionally.

Instead, the majority of people I speak with give one of two answers:

Family responsibilities take up too much time and energy
Work (or school) responsibilities take up too much time and energy

Sometimes they say both.

Caring for your loved ones and building a career, whether for passion or money, are understandably the most important things in your life, and it is normal to assume that these responsibilities take priority over everything else.

Compared to family and business, focusing on your ow…

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