Powerlifting 101: For the Beginner Powerlifter

Source: http://romanfitnesssystems.com/articles/powerlifting-101-beginner/

powerlift1So, you’ve been hitting the gym and are ready to try powerlifting?

That feeling creeping around the back of your head right now is self-doubt.

And I get it. 

You don’t think you’re strong enough; it’s something I’ve heard from my clients countless times.

As a guy who deadlifted 520lbs while weighing 174lbs (in a hoodie and jeans, no less), I still wasn’t satisfied with my strength levels. You might never be as strong as you want to be, but that shouldn’t keep you from competing.

I am going lay out five important guidelines for you to follow on your journey.

The Basics

Powerlifting is a strength sport comprised of three different lifts: the squat, bench press, and deadlift. You get three shots at each lift, and the highest of each will get added into your total score, aptly called, Your Total.

1. These Important Rules Will Make or Break Your Lifts

In every federation you lift in, there are certain directives for when and how to lift. You can find them in your handbook and since I know you have read it, I won’t get too crazy in-depth here (seriously, read the rule book).

The squat requires that your hip crease is below the knee in order for it to count.

If you execute the lift and you see three red…

What do you think?