Recent Eats + Weekend Reading


Hi friends – happy Friday! I’m getting ready to head to the airport in a few minutes for my Vermont half marathon adventures (see Wednesday’s Day in the Life post for more details!) but wanted to pop in quickly to say hi before I go. As always, see what I’m up to on Instagram, and I’ll be back Monday with a recap! :)

I started my Friday with an old fave – my Flour Free Breakfast Pancake. This breakfast is always a win.

flour free breakfast pancake

I spent the morning tackling my inbox and to do list, and then broke for a training session with Paul from Capital Energy Training late morning. I didn’t get any pictures today but I’m still really enjoying our sessions and finding them really helpful in terms of fixing up my tight/sore hip situation! We’ve started working more into my crazy tight shoulders/neck now, too. Today’s session focused on loosening me up for Sunday’s half marathon!

Post-workout lunch was another standard classic: a big grain salad bowl. <…

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