Rugged Maniac 5k


Rugged Maniac 5k Review

If you’ve been reading Live Life Active for a while now, you’ve seen me do TONS of mud runs (Warrior Dash, Rebel Race, Patriot Challenge and more) because I absolutely love them, but now I’ve added one more to my belt.  The Rugged Maniac!

There’s something about getting totally dirty and jumping through mud that a part of me just loves.  I guess it brings back memories of playing soccer in the rain and just having fun with it.  Well I saw that the Rugged Maniac was coming to Charleston, SC and when I saw a Groupon come out for it, I jumped on the deal right away.  I think I paid $69 with the Groupon (The lowest you can get it for is $45 a year in advance and it ends up costing around $100 if you sign up on race day).

Before running, the only thing I had heard about the Rugged Maniac was that Mark Cuban was a partner of it and if you know me, you know I LOVE Mark Cuban and some Shark Tank action :)  I knew if Mark Cuban had any say in the design of this course, that it was going to be tough..and boy, was I RIGHT!

The Charleston race took place on March 12th …

What do you think?