Where it all began: How I got into fitness

Source: http://www.thefitbits.com/2016/04/where-it-all-began-how-i-got-into.html

Facebook reminded me of something great yesterday.

On 27th April 2011, I tentatively walked through the door of a popular Zumba class near my house with a friend. I’d heard about Zumba before but assumed it was basically a bunch of old ladies side-stepping to salsa music.

It was the very first exercise class in all of my 25 years’ existence, and I spent the whole class three steps behind everyone else, with the grace of a charging elephant, but a grin plastered across my face. Zumba taught me not to give a shit about what I looked like when exercising.

I met some amazing people (like Linda, below), and realised that fitness could actually be fun.

Linda showing us why Zumba’s so much fun – and me facing the wrong way AGAIN

It was the beginning of the end. Of the old me, that is – the lazy, podgy smoker whose idea of a healthy breakfast was three cigarettes and a cheese toastie. (Man, I want a cheese toastie now…)

Don’t get me wrong – I was by no means unhapp…

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