Epic Yoga, Yafa, and a Dreary Track Workout

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Hey gang! It’s ANOTHER dreary day over here – not rainy, but cloudy. I’m so tired of all this gloom! Chillier than usual for this time of year, too, although at least that means that wearing pants and biking to the metro doesn’t leave me overheated. :)

My fitness routine this week has been yoga-heavy, which I love. Sleeping in a bit (aka  not getting up at 6 a.m. for a workout) and then going to lunchtime yoga downtown is my favorite. No shower required so it’s super easy – all I need is a change of clothes! And it’s the best way to slow down and de-stress in the middle of the busy workday.

epic yoga dc lunchtime yoga

I hit up lunchtime yoga on Monday and Wednesday at Epic Yoga via ClassPass (<—$20 off affiliate link) with a coworking space friend. On Monday, we treated ourselves to lunch bowls afterward at Yafa, one of my DC faves. I get a big bowl with brown rice, lettuce, a billion veggies, hummus, chicken, and yogurt dill sauce. Sooooo delicious and satisfying.

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