FAVES for Vibrant Health

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I am so excited to be joining The Refinery Staff and to be given the opportunity to share my nutrition education with all the amazing people I have been sweating with during the last few years!   A little bit of information about me-  I am a Licensed Clincial Social Worker and a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.  I have a private practice in Northeast Portland where I work with people around nutrition and/or mental health issues.  With my dual educational background, I believe it can be important to help clients examine both the physical and emotional factors that may be helpful for them to reach their goals.   If you see me at the gym, please don’t hesitate to ask me questions or I am also available for private nutritional consultation if you would like a more individualized plan to reach your health and fitness goals.

Clients often ask me what I feel are the most important areas to focus on for good health.  Of course, there are many areas you could emphasize but  focusing on the five below, will set you firmly on the path to overall vibrant health.

Focus on Healthy Fats:  Research has repeatedly demonstrated that fat is necessary to our health, particularly omega 3 fatty acids.  Omega -3’s are an essential fatty acid, meaning ou…

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