The Ugly Side of Health and Fitness


the ugly side of health and fitnessThere’s an Ugly Side to health and fitness most don’t realize exists — until they experience it for themselves. That’s what happened to me, and I don’t want it to happen to you.

Lose fat and like how you look in (and out of) clothes. Improve your health markers (e.g., blood profile, BMI, fasting glucose). Increase your energy levels.

In short, health and fitness is about helping us look better, feel better, be better.

We all want these things, right? And they’re sold as promises of what we’ll achieve when we follow a diet and workout program as we commit to improving our health and fitness (or simply build the body we want). But there’s an Ugly Side to health and fitness. It’s not something most are aware exists when they embark on a new regimen, but many encounter it on their journey. Some baggage, if you will, that can tag along with the desired goals listed above.

Admittedly not everyone will get a close up view of the Ugly Side of health and fitness, but I’ve stared it in the face, and I know myriad women have too. This is the side no one warns you about, but you may unfortunately discover for yourself. Much of the popular information cloaked as “health and fitness” dominating the i…

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