Is Shaklee a Green Company?

Yes. From the beginning Shaklee products have been environmentally healthy – for consumers and for the planet. In face Shaklee is the first company to be completely carbon neutral. And many of the Healthy Home products have been acknowledged as industry leaders to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


What is Shaklee PV?

PV (personal volume) is the way that Shaklee rewards their distributors. Each product has a certain PV and as a distributor’s group sells product, the PV associated with these purchases are tallied to earn different levels of compensation.

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What is the Shaklee Gold Ambassador Program?

The Gold Ambassador Program is the way that new business leaders join Shaklee. By purchasing a membership of this level – for as low as $349 – a new distributor gets all of the tools they need to start out. And each Mission Pak comes with a selection of products to get started using.


I Am Not a Salesman. Can I Still be Successful as a Shaklee Business Leader?

Yes. Many successful Shaklee Distributors don’t have a background in sales. Shaklee provides you with many tools. But the most important resource will be yourself, your energy, and commitment to being successful. If you know people who are interested in leading a healthier lifestyle, then you already have a customer base. For example with the Cinch Weight Management product line, it is a great way for people interested in losing weight to meet their goals – and almost everyone knows someone who is interested in weight loss.

How Much Money Can I Earn as a Shaklee Distributor?

Of course this will depend on the time and effort you want to devote to building your business. A new distributor earns around $1,000 each month. This can quickly grow to a higher level as more customers are found and especially when new distributors are added to your network. At the rank of Senior Coordinator you can earn around $60,000 annually. And at the top as a Presidential Master Coordinator you can earn much more – up to $600,000 for most current Shaklee Business Leaders at this rank. The good news is that your earning is based on your efforts so the harder you work, the more you will earn. Not many corporate jobs offer that incentive.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Shaklee Business?

Not much. To start your Shaklee business you need to sign up as a Gold Ambassador. The cost is as low as $349 which will provide you all of the tools and a selection of products. Then you only need to find 3 others to join and start their business as Gold Ambassadors and you will have earned that money back. Gone are the days of having to buy inventory, collect payments, and deliver products. Now it is done all on the internet or over the phone.

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