Shaklee Integrated Wellness Program™ For Fitness Trainers, Studios, Gyms, and Other Small Businesses

Shaklee Integrated Wellness Program™


What if you could

  • Create another income stream?
  • Expand beyond your 4 walls?
  • Support client retention?
  • All with one “Business-In-A-Box” Opportunity?Would you be interested in learning more?

What Is The Shaklee Integrated Wellness Program™?

It is a comprehensive wellness program that provides studio owners or fitness instructors with the education, tools, and support they need to create awareness and education among their existing and future clients regarding:

  • Healthy Nutrition—Shaklee Life Plan is the result of the foremost scientific research and decades of studies, designed to bring you the essential nutrients for a healthy life.
  • Healthy Weight—Lose the right kind of weight. Shaklee 180® is a revolutionary weight-loss and weight-management program with products designed to help you lose fat not muscle.
  • Healthy Cleansing (available 2016)—Products that help support healthy digestive function and get your eating habits back on track or used as a pre-weight loss cleansing program.
  • Sports Nutrition—Products that help athletes perform their best before, during, and after workouts.

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Note: This is not a high-pressure sales conversation – but just a chance to see if it is a good fit for both of us.

Four Questions To Ask Yourself:

  1. Do you currently have a wellness program  as part of your business?
  2. Have you considered incorporating a wellness program as part of the services  that you offer?
  3. Do you think your current clients might benefit from a wellness program that  includes education on different wellness topics?
  4. Would you be open to learn how the Shaklee Integrated Wellness Program™  can help you increase retention of your client base, grow your business outside  your four walls, and create another income stream?

Your future life will be exactly what you decide
to make it. – Dr. Forrest Shaklee

You are not alone with the Shaklee Integrated Wellness Program. You will have training and support every step of the way.

What Kind of Support Can You Expect?

• Shaklee is more than just a way to earn money. We are a diverse community of like-minded people who share the belief that together, through small positive steps taken consistently, we make a huge difference in the health of people and our planet.

• When you choose to build a business in Shaklee, you are independent but not alone. You are part of a team with support from mentors, other team members, and the Shaklee Home Office.

• In nearly 60 years of continuous operations, Shaklee has paid over $7 billion in commissions to its Distributors without missing a month. $2.2 billion of that has been paid out in just the past 10 years, representing over 30% of commissions paid in the entire 58-year history of Shaklee.

• Over the past 10 years, Shaklee has doubled in size and is rapidly approaching $1 billion in global sales for the first time in its history. This is important because so many companies out there are popping up and then disappearing from the scene. Shaklee is not only here to stay, we are growing.

About Tom Leonard: Tom has been an Independent Shaklee Distributor with years of experience. He has worked for many companies in online marketing. And he will be able to help you get started and help you build your business.




How do you see the Shaklee Integrated Wellness Program fitting into your business?

We do not guarantee success. That will depend on your efforts. But we do offer an outstanding opportunity with products that people want and need.

We hope that you decide to take the next step and learn more about the program.

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