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MindWorks by Shaklee

MindWorks™ The latest advancement in brain science.

Neural connections in our brain start declining as early as age 20, by age 45 this decline occurs even more rapidly. Studies show the key ingredients in MindWorks help improve mental sharpness and focus and support long-term cognitive health.

MindWorks is a revolutionary program that provides nutritional support + brain training software.  MindWorks key nutrients have been shown in three clinical studies and dozens of laboratory studies to immediately enhance mental sharpness and focus and protect against age-related mental decline.*

Every MindWorks purchase includes a free month of access to brain-training software from CogniFit. An email will be sent to you within 48 hours of purchase including a link to activate your CogniFit account and your unique login code.

Immediate improvement in cognitive performance 3X better than the control group†
Over time, neural connections become less efficient, impairing our ability to recall, think, and respond. A key nutrient in MindWorks was shown in multiple clinical studies to significantly enhance memory, sharpen focus, and improve reaction time.*

Protects against age-related mental decline*
Key nutrients in MindWorks were shown in laboratory studies to promote the formation of new neural connections and in a clinical study to reduce brain shrinkage rate by 30% over two years.** In addition, MindWorks key nutrients were shown in laboratory studies to effectively cross the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain.*

Supports healthy circulation*
Blood circulation is critical for delivery of oxygen and key nutrients to the brain. It is linked to neural activity.*

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Check out what others are saying, such as:

Bob F. (IA)
“I felt like my mind had been lubricated, two days into MindWorks the difference was palpable. Can’t wait to see what happens down the road!”

Bob J. (NH)
“My husband, Bob, has had Parkinson’s Disease for many years. Bob has been on MindWorks for a week now. He has been working on the computer again, and right now is on the tractor lifting logs off the driveway from a mini tornado.”

Susan H. (NC)
The first day of taking MindWorks I felt a gentle mental awakening with more clarity but I wasn’t really paying too much attention to results.
That’s impressive but right now I am just tickled pink to get my brain back!!

Mary K (FL)
I have noticed an elevation in mood, and I never felt depressed before. I just was unaware of what it meant to feel “lighter.” You know when sometimes people tell you “lighten up,” and you wonder why they said that to you. Well, I truly feel “lighter,” and I had not realized what it meant to “lighten up” until I started using MindWorks!Shaklee Mindworks

Mary B (NY)
My First Day with MindWorks at Long Beach, after wondering why everything had been so confusing, felt like my brain got whitewashed…. all clarity returned

Micki R. (CO)
I began taking it 5 days before the conference in Long Beach, and I will have to say that this is the first year that my brain hasn’t “hurt.” My head wasn’t fuzzy like in the past!

Sonia P. (KY)
I started taking MindWorks a couple of weeks ago. I noticed a difference right away in my ability to stay focused, learn new things at my job and be able to have all day long productivity.

Trudy B. (TN)
I have noticed better memory, focus, alertness, energy, and mood. Love it!

Lyn S. (OH)
Then I took the product. WOW! I have always had an unusual I am accomplishing tons more than I used to and I am 69 years old. Monday, I cleaned two floors of our three floors. And did some major deep cleaning in preparation for upcoming entertaining. On top of that, I ran the office and put together orders to go into the mail today. I cannot say enough about Mind Works. Except to say….Mind Works really works!

Tammy W (NC)
“I started taking MindWorks last week and I can tell you for certain my energy level has increased greatly.”


 Shaklee’s Roger Barnett Talks Tips for Supporting Brain Health on Dr Phil – Dec 3, 2014

Of course, your results may be different – in fact you might have an even better story about the way MindWorks has had a impact on you and others you know. And you can also recommend the product.  If so, put the story in the comments below. We are interested in what you have to say.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ** At six hours versus control. † Based on a two-year study of 223 adults with mild cognitive impairment.