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Shaklee 2010 Dream Plan. Cars. Cash. Trips. Dreams.

Shaklee Dream Plan 2010

Cars. Cash. Trips. Dreams

Shaklee introduced the Dream Plan 2010 at the 2010 Anaheim Global Conference. There are significant new opportunities to earn cash, get a car, and go on all-expense paid trips. Of course it will take time, work, and planning, but this is a program that can actually pay off for the right people.

Live the Dream

With all the tough news about the economy, most of us have scaled back our expectations for what we can earn—and even what kind of life we can have. We’ve given up our hopes for ourselves and, in some cases, even what we hope for our children.

Shaklee offers you the chance to reclaim your hopes and dreams for the future while making a difference in the lives of your family and your communities—all while earning cash, even a career income, as well as cars, trips, and other rewards!


Earn money when you share Shaklee products with others and when they join you in building a new Shaklee business.


As you share with more and more people and grow your customer base, you can reach Business Leader status. When you help one other person do the same, and increase your volume, you become eligible

to earn a monthly car payment!


Throughout the year, you’ll be assigned points for activities that grow your business—such as sponsoring new business partners. When you earn enough points, you’ll earn fabulous trips to exotic

locations—with expenses paid by Shaklee!

Share the Dream.

Now that you’re ready to dream, it’s time to make your dreams a reality. The path to achieving your dreams in Shaklee is simple.

Step 1:

Identify at least three people who want to build a global home-based business by sponsoring as a GOLD Ambassador with the purchase of a Mission PAK.

Step 2:

In the process, find at least 10 people who will want to sign up as consumer Members to purchase Shaklee products.

Step 3:

Every time you advance in rank, repeat the process! Now you’re building a team, earning up-front cash, creating residual income, and continuing to advance—and now the fun begins!

Building a Shaklee business puts you in the driver’s seat! When you decide to build a Shaklee business, you control the pace at which you grow and you reap the rewards for your hard work and commitment!

The Shaklee Bonus Car Program

Let Shaklee Put You in the Driver’s Seat!

Are you driving the car of your dreams? It’s possible with Shaklee! When you build a Shaklee business and grow to higher levels of Leadership while accumulating higher volumes of product sales, Shaklee will reward you with progressively larger car payments toward your very own new car!

Go Green and Get More. Qualify for a higher car payment if you choose a hybrid vehicle.


Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Nov. 2–7, 2011

Build your new Shaklee business and you can earn your passage to the mystical Atlantis Resort for five days of azure-colored waters, tropical breezes, and sumptuous surroundings!

Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora

Sept. 18-25, 2011

Top Achievers Club International 2011 Getaway Exotic. Crystal waters; pristine, palm-lined beaches; and touches of stunning luxury make this exotic destination nothing less than splendid—that’s the allure of Bora Bora. When you are one of our top business builders, Shaklee will whisk you away to the exclusive Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora for seven days.

Learn More

To learn more about the Dream Plan, check these out:

2010 Shaklee Dream Plan Presentations

2010 Shaklee Dream Plan Presentations

Click here to sign up as a Gold Ambassador and get started on your own Dream Plan today!

And for more information, contact us and we will be happy to answer any question you might have.  Click here to go to the contact page.

Good luck on your Dream Plan!

10 Reasons Why Fitness Instructors Can be Successful in Building a Shaklee Business

Shaklee provides an opportunity for many different people to build a successful business to achieve financial independence. But fitness instructors come to the program with several advantages compared with other professionals and experienced business leaders.

What are these advantages for fitness trainers?

1. They are typically already entrepreneurs.

Most fitness instructors are already entrepreneurs – even the ones working at large gyms. They are successful if they develop a large group of repeat clients and it is up to them to encourage people to continue with the program.  There are also many fitness professionals who work on their own without the structure of an established gym.  These people are true entrepreneurs if they are successful in developing their own business.

2. They work with people who want to improve their lives.

Clients at a gym are interested in developing a better, healthier lifestyle. They may be interested in losing weight or gaining muscle mass and these are some of the best quality products Shaklee offers. The Cinch Inch program is designed to help people lose weight and not sacrifice lean muscle mass. These gym-goers are also good customers for vitamin and nutritional supplements to maintain their health and immune system. Vivix Anti-Aging Formula is one of the company’s top sellers

3. Their clients are usually health conscience

Gym customers are generally healthy and want to stay that way. The healthy Shaklee products are the type of merchandise that anyone can feel good about promoting and fitness instructors will see that importance. Shaklee’s product line includes healthy vitamin supplements, weight management, green living at home, and healthy beauty products.

4. They are familiar with the types of products Shaklee offers

Talk to a fitness counselor and they will already know the language and terminology of the healthy products offered. They know how a person can lose weight. And how a person can increase their muscle mass.  If the instructor knows his business and is successful he or she will come to the program with more knowledge than almost any Independent Distributor so it won’t take long to become familiar with the program.

5. They are smart, educated, energetic, and optimistic.

The younger – and older – generation of fitness instructors is highly educated. The stereotype of the dumb jock doesn’t describe them. They are smart and want to use their training and skills to build a successful career. These entrepreneurs in particular will see that the Shaklee program can provide an opportunity to be rewarded for their hard work.

Any selling program involves a certain level of rejection. Optimistic instructors energy and natural optimism gives them a resilience others may not have. They can look at the bigger picture over the long run and see that a few “no’s” today can be offset by the potential rewards from the “yes’s”.

6. They have a level of authority on health related issues and products

When a client starts working with a professional instructor they look up to them as being experts in how to live a healthy life. This authority can be useful when presenting the Shaklee product line.  And because the nutritional supplements and other products offered are of the highest quality, they know that they won’t be steering their clients wrong.

7. They appreciate the low cost of investment

Even successful trainers at the gym can be looking for programs to join that don’t take a large investment. Shaklee is a perfect fit with an initial investment of only $349 needed to get them into the program.

8. Can Work Part-Time and Still Be Successful

Many fitness trainers don’t have the time to get started in a full time business. Most are already working with clients. With Shaklee they can take advantage of being able to work at their own pace and still be successful. And as with any new entrepreneurial project, the reward will be directly related to the time and effort invested.

9. Looking for Alternative Employment in the Current Economy

No one has to tell any member of the work force how tough it can be to keep a job in the current economy. But by creating a job by starting a Shaklee business it will be possible to eliminate that problem. Shaklee has exceeded its sales goals in each of the past 6 recessions and has proven that it doesn’t take a strong economy to be successful.

10. They are good networkers

Trainers know other trainers. So they already have the opportunity to develop other potential distributors.  Once they become successful and their co-workers see the benefits, it will be easy to pass along the opportunity.

How Does a Fitness Entrepreneur Get Started?

1. Learn more. Check us out. Look over our website. Check out the products and learn more about the Shaklee Difference. Here are our online resources:

Shaklee Web Site
Follow us on Twittter
Check out our blog
See our YouTube Channel

2. Ask Questions. Use the CONTACT ME link at the top of each page of our web site to ask any question. We want to hear from you.

3. Join Shaklee. Start today by joining our Shaklee Team by registering as a Gold Ambassador. For only $349 you will receive over $500 in products and will be on your way!

4. Click here to join today.

5 Steps for Online Marketing Success

Take Something You Like and Make it Your Own.

This can be a powerful tool when building any business. There are many marketing programs, techniques, and processes that can be implemented to grow your online business. But one key to success is to build on something you like.

Traditional direct marketing has always been based on the concept of checking out what the competition is up to. A good direct marketer will be interested in seeing what others are doing and if something shows up over and over, you can be assured that it works. The next step is to adapt your marketing program to use that information to build your own business.

For example, if you see your competition using online webinars to build their business, then it is worth checking out. If they are using Google AdWords to beat you to the customers first, then it is going be valuable for you to learn more about online search marketing. And if you see a similar program using Twitter to reach out, you should also see if Twitter can work for your business.

Do you just copy someone else’s program? Is that okay to do?

Exactly copying the online marketing program that someone else has developed rarely meets your needs. Maybe they are trying to attract a different audience. Maybe their products are different than yours. Or maybe they have just duplicated someone else’s program in hopes that it works for them.

Five Steps for Online Marketing Success

1. Identify the Competition.

You should already know who your online competition is. If not start researching now. See who is appearing everywhere online marketing the same type of products and services. And make sure you have found the entrepreneurs or businesses that are successful to study.

2. List the ten things you think make them successful.

Of course there are going to be many things that a successful business – online or offline – will be doing to promote their business. But rather than trying to figure out everything just concentrate on the top ten things that you have determined to be their keys to success. And see if these programs are used by more than one successful competitor.

3. Narrow that list to the top three things that you would like to be doing.

Your most valuable asset is time. And since you can’t be doing everything, you should focus on the three things that you feel are productive and that you would like to be doing. If they are using Facebook and you like spending time there, put that on your list. If they are using Craigslist.org ads but you don’t like all that detail work, leave it off.

4. Map out a plan on how you can start using those three techniques yourself.

You already know your products and services; your strengths and weaknesses; and use that information and your imagination to determine how you can apply these proven methods to your business. Create your map using a timeline showing what you can do this week, this month, and this year.  Be as detailed as possible in your planning.

5. Try these new programs out for yourself.

Start right away so you have time to test things out. As you continue to develop your marketing plan you will be able to test and learn. If things are working, build on those techniques. If some programs are not turning out how you would like, make adjustments and keep at it.

This may sound like just common sense. But most successful marketers don’t have a magic formula. They are continually learning about what works for them in their business. You can use that same technique to grow your business as well.

Good luck!

Top 10 Criteria For Picking A Company

Simon Prentice on RichGrads.com posted on May 24, 2009 a list of the the types of questions you should ask when checking out any business opportunity such as Shaklee.  Here is a link to his posting:

Full Article on RichGrads.com

In order to help you filter out the good companies from the bad, I have put together a post that discusses the Top 10 Qualities to look for when selecting a network marketing company.

These 10 characteristics are based on research put together by D.C. Falter Marketing, The University of Illinois Network Marketing Faculty, MLM Insider and Networking Times. By finding a company that has all of these qualities, you can feel assured that you will be getting involved in a company that will give you your best chance of achieving success.

Here is the list and how Shaklee stacks up:

1.) The founder of the company started the business for a purpose he or she was passionate about.

  • Shaklee was founded by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee in 1956 and was passionate about improving peoples’ lives through better health and a more healthy home.

2.) The products are consumable. For example, if the company sold water it would meet this criteria as water is consumable. Vitamins are another very good example.

  • All of Shaklee products are consumable – from vitamins, Cinch weight management products, Get Clean home products, and all healthy beauty products.

3.) A binary compensation plan is used. It is far easier to make passive income with a binary compensation plan.

  • Shaklee does not use a binary compensation plan, but is a type of “stair-step” program which is often described as being driven by both product and performance.  This doesn’t mean that binary plans are not good, they are just a different format. What is important is that the compensation plan is built around selling product, not recruiting new distributors for a fee.

4.) The company has a good reputation. Google it! Sketchy companies will have many negative comments written about them. Good companies will have more positives than negatives.

  • Check it out and see for yourself. Because Shaklee has been successful for so many decades means that they are doing something right.

5.) The company has been in business for at least seven years.

  • Shaklee was started in 1956 – over 50 years and growing.

6.) The industry the company is based in has a future not a past. Therefore, there is growing demand for the products. A good example would be products that serve the baby boomers (a growing segment).

  • Shaklee is in the center of the nearly $1 trillion health and wellness industry, focusing on health and wellness, anti-aging, green products, nutrition and beauty, and home-based businesses.

7.) The company has exceptional training programs and marketing materials.

  • Shaklee provides comprehensive training for all new distributors, such as the online Shaklee University. Training continues through local, regional, and global conferences. The most important training comes from your sponsor.

8.) The product or service is distributed through online systems.

  • All distributors have a personal web site (PWS) which is used for processing all orders. No distributor needs to order, house, or ship products.

9.) The company prides itself on HELPING people not selling to people. Sketchy companies focus most of their energy on training you how to just recruit other distributors. Good companies focus on training you about their products and why they help people and how to help people achieve their goals.

  • Shaklee likes to focus its products as designed to help individuals and their families live a healthier life while treating the planet well. Of course the most successful Shaklee distributors work on developing new business leaders, but their compensation is based on total product sold – not income from new memberships.

10.) The company has an exceptional product or service that people will want to recommend to their friends.

  • You have to determine this for yourself. Our household has been using Shaklee products daily for over 20 years and we do not hesitate to refer others to these products.
Based on this criteria – which we think is an excellent way to evaluate these types of marketing opportunities – Shaklee stacks up pretty well.

10 Reasons for LGBT Entrepreneurs to Build a Shaklee Business

Corporate America has becoming an increasingly accepting opportunity for members of the LGBT community. There are more and more companies that offer non-discrimination policies for sexual orientation and even benefits for partners. Co-workers and management can be supportive and allow gay and lesbian workers more freedom than in the past.

But being an open member of the LGBT community in the workforce can still be a tough situation. In some parts of the country it is more accepted than others.

What is a good alternative?

Becoming your own boss and building your own business has been a way for gay entrepreneurs to earn a good living and live their own lifestyle. But starting out on your own can be stressful, take an incredible amount of initiative and effort, and often requires a significant investment. One good opportunity we have discovered is to build a Shaklee business as an Independent Shaklee Distributor.

10 Reasons for Gay Entrepreneurs to Build a Network Marketing Business:

1. You can be your own boss.

You will have flexibility in your time and schedule, deciding on the best use of your time. And you will have the opportunity to truly enjoy your work.

2. You can select your business partners.

When you decide to join Shaklee and start building your business you will be able to select the people you will be working with on a daily basis – no boss or company will tell you who your co-workers will be.

3. You get a choice in who are your customers.

In addition to having a choice in your business partners, you will also be able to have a say in who your customers are. You can promote Shaklee products to anyone so why not select people you like to see every day?

4. You can build a business promoting healthy products in the $350+ billion health and wellness industry.

Shaklee has been in business for over 50 years and is the number 1 natural nutrition company in the US. Shaklee is the first company in the world to be Climate Neutral™ certified. The Shaklee products are excellent quality and you will be genuinely helping others to live a more healthy lifestyle.

5. You will have the opportunity to promote three of the most valuable products for the LGBT community:

  • Vivix Anti-Aging Formula
  • Vitalizer Healthy Nutrition Supplements
  • Nutriferon Immunity Boost

6. You can be rewarded based on your efforts.

The Shaklee program provides you with unlimited income potential. There are 7 ways to generate income and it one of the best in the industry. And importantly you will be recognized for your achievements

7. You can work in a supportive organization that values individual contribution

Instead of working for someone else, being constrained by the existing structure, you will be part of an organization that recognizes individuals based on contribution – not on who they are.

8. Becoming a Shaklee Independent Distributor does not require a large investment.

Starting as a GOLD Ambassador costs only $349, providing a $500+ value. There is no inventory, customer service, or transaction costs. And you can build your business online, giving you the chance to promote your business nationwide and even globally.

9. Shaklee provides comprehensive training to get started.

Shaklee is not looking for just sales people. We are looking for entrepreneurs. The training is extensive, including online and printed material. Shaklee University will give you the tools needed to business a successful business. And most importantly the person who sponsors your member will become your mentor.

10. Become part of the LGBT Shaklee “family”.

We all spend a tremendous portion of our time in our work. We feel that this time should be spent with positive individuals who want to work with us no matter what community we belong to. And at Shaklee we are working to build a large and successful LGBT network of distributors.

Does this sound interesting to you? Do you want to know more? We hope so and want to hear from you.

What’s next?

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“Your future life will be exactly what you decide to make it” – Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee