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Shaklee Team Building

As you develop your successful Shaklee business the most important part will be building your Shaklee team.

The two question to ask are:

  1. Where are you going with your business, and
  2. Who will you take with you

You first decide where you are going, but the second question of who you want to take with you is important as well.

There are many people in your life that you can invite along for the journey. There are going to be people that are close to you such as your family and close friends. Some are going to want to be part of your venture. Others will be supporters on the side. Give them the opportunity to decide their role as you build your Shaklee team.

There are going to be others that aren’t that close, but you have known them in your life. If you think of Shaklee as a “gift” then it will make it easy to share the opportunity.

The list is long. Everyone at our age has come in contact with hundreds, even thousands of people. Make your list – and don’t edit it down until later.

Just think of the possibilities.

The list can include:

  • Friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Business Associates
  • Neighbors
  • Co-workers
  • Parents
  • Family Members

But the list is actually going to be much longer, including:

  • People from your gym
  • Sports team members
  • Dentist
  • Doctor
  • Business people you support and buy from every day and every week
  • Service workers you come into contact with on a regular basis
  • Insurance Agent
  • Banker
  • Financial Consultant
  • Real Estate Brokers

There are people who have been making changes to their lives who may be more receptive to the message of better health and the Shaklee opportunity including:

  • New parents
  • Graduates
  • Recent retirees
  • People who may have lost their job and are looking for work

Some of the most important individuals to put on your potential Shaklee team will be:

  • Successful people who know how to make things happen and are always looking for new opportunities
  • Busy people who know how to manage their time and juggle their schedule
  • People with a large sphere of influence
  • Small business owners

The most critical thing to remember when building your Shaklee team is to think big, think of people that you haven’t been in contact with that might want to hear from you again, and most importantly, pick up the phone, go to your email, check your online social networks and get busy!