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Google Trends Tell a Story

Google Trends is a great tool for understanding what people are searching for online. Using the Explore feature you can find out what has interested people online for the past few years by each keyword. This gives us tremendous insight into what people have been spending time online looking for over a period of time.

Diet and Weight Loss

Check out the chart below and you can see that at the start of each year people want to know more about how to diet and lose weight as well as general nutrition. But then as the New Year’s resolutions fade the number of times people check these topics out online goes down. But even at the lowest point – during the holiday season – there is still tremendous online activity for individuals wanting to know more about getting into shape.

It is a bit of a surprise when you see where people live who are doing this online research. The chart below shows that the states with the most interest are in the South. These Americans are also reported to live the states with the highest level of adult obesity but at least they want to know more about how to remedy that situation. Alabama leads the way.

Vitamins, Supplements and Disease

Searching for vitamins and supplements is very popular online. Americans are also interested in learning more about the top preventable causes of death in this country: diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. As diabetes becomes more and more common it leads the way in the volume of search activity.

What People Want

When you ask people what they want the top answers are usually more money, additional free time, the opportunity to travel, maybe a new car, and always continued good health. Check out the chart below to show that people are searching for all of these things online. Time is at the top of the list and it continues to grow faster than the other searches. No one ever has too much free time. It may be a bit surprising that with all of the discussion of the new health care laws, online interest in health hasn’t increased over time and may actually be going down. Travel is at the bottom of the list and that may be due to the tough economic times over the past few years.

Business Opportunity

Are people doing more online research to seek out new business opportunities? It doesn’t look that way. The financial crash of a few years back seems to have slowed down American’s interest in new business ventures and home based businesses. MLM (multi-level marketing) does lead the group as people may be searching for programs that will work for them to earn money. The internet is a great place to check out the many programs and learn which ones are for real.

Google Trends can also show us what parts of the country are more interested in new business opportunities. It seems that the South and the West have the most interested Americans. And Nevada is the top state in this group.

Healthy Homes

The chart below shows that people are definitely interested in having a healthy home. They are researching natural and safe cleaning products. Many people have stories of how the health of their family – and children in particular – have improved as they have started to move away from many household chemical and started to use more natural products.


Of course we also wanted to see if people have been searching for Shaklee products online. The chart below shows a sharp increase just in the past few months in Google searching for Shaklee.

If this type of information interests you click on any of the links to Google Trends under each chart. You can then start learning more about what people are searching for online and it will tell you a story.

“Go for No” – How to Build Your MLM Business

I was on a call tonight that was hosted by Tyler and Mimi Ford and featured Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz from

Here are some of the things that I learned.

In MLM, it can be to your advantage to learn to “Go for No”, meaning that you want to hear the word “NO” and even seek it out. How can that work out?

  • By hearing the word “NO” over and over again, it loses its power over you.
  • If you are hearing the word “NO” that means you are out talking to people – and that is a real key to success.
  • NO doesn’t always mean “NO”, it can also mean, not right now; so you want to follow up later.
  • But you have to be able to recognize when it really does mean NO, so it is time to move on and not create any bad feelings.
  • By setting goals of hearing a target number of “NO’s” each week or each month, the impact of each one won’t be the same as before.
  • This process can help you overcome the “roller-coaster” you sometimes feel in building your business. It may dampen the positive feelings of each “YES”, but it will be off-set by not feeling down when you get that next “NO”.

This is a great approach for everyone out there selling and building their business.  You never know when you are out there searching for the next “NO” might turn out to be the best “YES” you have ever achieved.

Now to put this into practice, I think it will be important to:

  • First figure out where all of these “NO’s” might be lurking. You can only talk to your friends and family so many times. There needs to be a much larger pool of potential people to talk with. That is the next step.
  • And you also will need to devise a way to capture the contact information on the people you think really mean “not yet”.  This is where using the internet can definitely come in handy. A good email program – with the right list of your contacts – can be incredibly powerful to organize this information for future use.

To learn more and get started you can check out the information on the web site for Richard and Andrea at And for a special discount, you can check out the coupon code available from Tyler and Mimi on

I just ordered the book “Go for NO” and can’t wait for it to arrive. I want to get started right now! Click here or on the image below to get your copy.

Go for No Book

Remember that in MLM usually the people who have heard the most “NO’s” are the one that are making the most money!

Shaklee Dreams: Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams Presentation with Notes

The Shaklee Dream Plan – just announced at the Shaklee Global Conference in Anaheim – offers a great opportunities for everyone to be successful in building their business.

The theme of Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams is explained in more detail here, slide by slide.

Click here to see the entire presentation in PDF and PowerPoint presentations.

Here is the program detail:

Shaklee Presentation: Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams
Shaklee Dream Plan: Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams January 2009 Shaklee launched one of the most exciting goals in the company’s history:To help 1 million people:

  • Lead a healthier and better life
  • To feel good
  • To begin to earn money right away
  • Build a strong and secure future

Shaklee Dream Plan: We Give you and Opportunity to Thrive

Shaklee Dream Plan: Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams

Before 2008:

  • Unemployment was low
  • Home values were increasing
  • Jobs were secure
  • Retirement accounts were growing

Like all of us, our owner and CEO Roger Barnett:

  • Saw events unfold that severely changed people’s lives
  • And knew that more than ever Shaklee not only has what people want, we have what people need

Shaklee Dream Plan: What Do You Want?


There are many reasons people want and need Shaklee:They want and need to:

  • Earn extra income
  • Pay off debt
  • Spend more time with family
  • Start living a healthier life
  • Use safe products
  • Get a new car
  • Travel

Do any of these catch your attention?

I want to take a few minutes and share all that Shaklee has to offer.

Then you can choose what is right for you.

Shaklee Dream Plan: What Would Make a Difference?


We’d like to start with a question?Would $1,000 to $5,000 per month make a difference?What would you do with it?

Shaklee Dream Plan: How About a New Car?


How about a new car?You pick out the car and Shaklee helps pay for it.Would that make a difference for you?

Reach the top level and Shaklee will give you the keys to your own top of the line Mercedes.

Is that worth working for?

Shaklee Dream Plan: Travel to San Francisco Bay Area


What about travel?You can earn that trip in your first 6 months in Shaklee!What if you could:

  • Earn a trip to the SF Bay Area
  • Visit our world Headquarters
  • Meet our scientists
  • Meet other people who are as excited about their future as you are about yours

Shaklee Dream Plan: Explore Exotic Locations


And travel in the lap of luxury to a five star location every year.The Four Seasons in Bora Bora is next year’s trip!Would that make a difference for you?

Shaklee Dream Plan: Earn up to $100,000

Shaklee Dream Plan: Explore Exotic Locations

What if could earn up to $100,000 over the next 15 months?Does that sound even more exciting?

Shaklee Dream Plan: Make an Even Bigger Impact

Shaklee Dream Plan: Make an Even Bigger ImpactShaklee Dream Plan: Earn up to $100,000
How about having all that and make an even bigger impact?You can help someone else:

  • Earn $100,000
  • Get a new car
  • Travel the world
  • Gain better health and energy
  • Influence others to use products that will keep the earth clean for future generations

I know this sounds great, but you may be thinking:

  • I have heard that before
  • Maybe I have tried to build something in past and it didn’t work out
  • I work really hard at my current job, but can’t seem to get ahead

Could you dare to believe that you have found the right company and the right opportunity?

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Shaklee Dreams: Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams Presentation with Notes – Part 2

The Shaklee Dream Plan – just announced at the Shaklee Global Conference in Anaheim – offers a great opportunities for everyone to be successful in building their business.

The theme of Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams is explained in more detail here, slide by slide.

Click here to see the entire presentation in PDF and PowerPoint presentations.

Here is the program detail:

Shaklee Presentation: Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams

Shaklee Dream Plan: Meet Shaklee

Shaklee Dream Plan: Meet Shaklee

We want to introduce you to Shaklee.A company that has been delivering on its promise for 54 years.We have a track record.

We have paid over $5 billion to real people from all walks of life.

Just like you and me.

Shaklee Dream Plan: Real People Making Real Money

Shaklee Dream Plan: Real People Making Real Money

Check out these numbers.These are the actual 1099 average earnings for each rank in Shaklee.At the top: Presidential Mast Coordinator: $598k

Starting out as a Director where you can earn close to $1,000 each month

But for those of you who are excited about an income of $57k with the potential to earn up to $100,000 in the next 15 months: your goal and focus is on the rank of Executive Coordinator

We would like to share a few stories with you.

Shaklee Dream Plan: Build a Future

Shaklee Dream Plan: Build a Future

This is Dean Aldridge.From a baseball scholarship to insurance sales, Dean was searching for a way to make a living where he could do well, feel good about it and touch other lives along the way.His wife, a naturopathic physician, supported his decision to pursue Shaklee because she too saw it as a way to change their lives.

Dean joined Shaklee in July 2009 and became a Director in that same month, then moved through the ranks and became an Executive Coordinator in March.  He is living his dream and has helped many others find their dreams in Shaklee, all in a very short time.

Shaklee Dream Plan: Your Ultimate Goal

Shaklee Dream Plan: Your Ultimate Goal

Your ultimate goal is the rank of Presidential Master Coordinator.Here are Carol and Al Hegerman. Al is a retired police officer from Minneapolis, Minnesota who is making $3,800 a day and has earned over $25M in Shaklee.That’s pretty powerful.  Think of all the lives they have touched!

Shaklee Dream Plan: Great Start

Shaklee Dream Plan: Great Start

The first leadership level is the rank of Director.This is Catherine and Kevin Whitcher.They found Shaklee because they were looking to rid their home of toxins and create a safe environment for their daughters. They joined Shaklee in April 2009. Soon their enthusiasm led them to Director in October and as a result of the rapid growth of their Shaklee business, they feel they have so many more options and they are very excited about their future.

Shaklee Dream Plan: FastTRACK up to $100,000

Shaklee Dream Plan: FastTRACK up to $100,000

So how do you get to the $100,000 we have been talking about?It is called FastTRACK.Think of it as a train with 5 stops and 3 months between each stop.

If you stay on this program, you will arrive at the Executive Coordinator level in 15 months

And have earned approximately $100,000.

But that is not all.

Shaklee Dream Plan: Enjoy the Shaklee Lifestyle

Shaklee Dream Plan: Enjoy the Shaklee Lifestyle

If you achieve the first stop in FastTRACk: the rank of Director: you will receive free registration for 2 to our national conference in Washington DC.I can tell you that this is an amazing event. You will be inspired, informed, and connect with thousands of other members of the Shaklee family.The next trip will be our Dream Trip to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Shaklee pays for airfare, room, and meals for two.

When you reach the final FastTRACK goal: qualifying as an Executive Coordinator and maintaining it for 3 months: you will get the red carpet treatment at our World Headquarters in Pleasanton, CA.

Shaklee Dream Plan: Travel the World

Shaklee Dream Plan: Travel the World

But wait there is even more.If you are a FastTRACK Executive Coordinator, you qualify for the Top Achievers Club Trip to the Pacific Island of Bora Bora. We will stay at the exclusive Four Seasons resort. This really is a trip worth working for.And you don’t have to be on FastTRACK to earn the trips: just building your business is the key to success. And think you can travel with your friends if they become successful in Shaklee!

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Shaklee Dreams: Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams Presentation with Notes – Part 4

The Shaklee Dream Plan – just announced at the Shaklee Global Conference in Anaheim – offers a great opportunities for everyone to be successful in building their business.

The theme of Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams is explained in more detail here, slide by slide.

Click here to see the entire presentation in PDF and PowerPoint presentations.

Here is the program detail:

Shaklee Presentation: Cars, Cash, Trips, and Dreams

Shaklee Dream Plan: What You Do

Shaklee Dream Plan: What You Do

So what do you do?The path is simple and straightforward.The first step: become a GOLD Ambassador: you do that by purchasing our business package called a Mission PAK.

You then begin to build your team by looking for three business builders who want to begin creating their own future: They join Shaklee by purchasing their Mission PAK and becoming GOLD Ambassadors.

This is what we call “3 and 10, Do it Again”: Your building block for success.

As you are looking for your business builders, you find 10 people who want to become Shaklee customers: They are Members.

And then you “Do it Again”.

Shaklee Dream Plan: In Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself

Shaklee Dream Plan: In Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself

In Shaklee you can start a business for yourself, but not by yourself: You have the resources of a half a billion dollar company in Shaklee.In Shaklee you don’t have:

  1. Overhead
  2. The risk of keeping inventory
  3. Any deliveries to make
  4. Any customer shipment problems to resolve
  5. Employees
  6. Employers

We don’t recognize:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Race
  4. Educational background

We recognize just two things:

  1. Do you want something better for yourself? and
  2. Are you willing to do something about it?

Shaklee Dream Plan: Visionary Leadership

Shaklee Dream Plan: Visionary Leadership

At Shaklee you will surround yourself with quality people.Roger Barnett is the CEO: he is sincere in building relationships with each person in the Shaklee family: and he has the vision and resources to maximize the potential of the company.And of course you get to select the people on your team. How often does that happen in a corporate America job?

Shaklee Dream Plan: Strong Foundation for Success

Shaklee Dream Plan: Strong Foundation for Success

None of this would be possible without our strong foundation, our history.In 1915, Dr. Shaklee sat in his laboratory isolating vitamins and minerals from food: he helped start the nutrition revolution.In 1956 he founded our company on the concept of product integrity, science, and a generous compensation plan.

In 1960 he developed one of the first environmentally friendly household products.

We are thriving because of his vision and passion for a company that would improve the lives of everyone it touched.

Shaklee Dream Plan: How to Get Started

Shaklee Dream Plan: How to Get Started

So how do YOU get started?Begin by purchasing your Mission PAK: becoming a GOLD Ambassador.You have two choices: $299 GOLD PAK or the $750 Super GOLD PAK: both offer you the business materials you need to get started plus a selection of products.

This is the way you will want to join.

You not only get a 15% discount on all future purchases, you get 3 months of your own Personal Website and can choose a free product on your next order of 100 points or more.

It is simply the best value and unlocks all the ways you can earn in Shaklee.

Shaklee Dream Plan: Other Membership Options

Shaklee Dream Plan: Other Membership Options

There are others ways to join as well: to receive the 15% discount and potentially start your own business.

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10 Steps to a Successful Webinar

Webinars can be a powerful online tool for building an online business. But to be successful they also require planning, practice, and a certain level of expertise.

10 Steps to a Successful Webinar

1. Outline your goals for the webinar

What do you want to accomplish? You can:
a. Sell products or services
b. Recruit others for your business
c. Provide training and other information

Decide on your objectives and keep it simple. Don’t try to do too much or you will lose your audience.

2. Select your webinar platform

There are many webinar programs out there. Some are complex and expensive. Others are free – usually for a small audience. We have used DimDim and have found it to be a very good program.

3. Learn how it works

Take time to check out all of the features. You will want to look like the professional you are when your audience shows up. At first it may appear to be complicated, but remember it is just like making a presentation in person only using the latest technology to reach a broad audience.

4. Make it simple for your audience

Many people who would be interested in hearing what you have to present are not going to be technical wizards. So make it simple by using a simple link that anyone can use. Most programs don’t require participants to download software onto their computer. All they need is an internet connection and a phone line for hearing you.

5. Prepare your presentation materials

In most cases you already have your presentation materials on hand. They can be in PowerPoint or even PDF files. You can also use videos and even show the audience your web site as part of the webinar. You just need to be prepared in advance.

6. Practice first without an audience then with a select audience

If you think of the webinar as just like talking to a small group in your office, then you know that you need to practice what you are going to say first. By using the program you will quickly learn how to make the best impression. Then when you have it down, invite a select audience you know to view your presentation so you become more comfortable with the format.

7. Use all of the tools available

A webinar can be a multi-media event. There are many tools such as using PowerPoint so everyone is following along at your pace. But you can show videos, web sites, and even use the screen to type information that is important for everyone to see. You can use a web cam during the presentation so all of the participants can see you. There will be a chat feature where you and your staff can interact with participants; answering any questions that come up.

8. Promote your webinar

You will want to set a schedule for most of your webinars. You can then invite anyone to view them. By using a link to your webinar site you will be able to invite people to come see what you have to say.

9. Record your best webinars for others

Most webinar programs allow you to record the presentation. You can then post that recording on your web site for others to view at any time in the future. This is a great feature to make sure that others can see your information even if they weren’t able to make it to the webinar.

10. Ask for and learn from feedback

At the end of the webinar always ask for feedback. You want to hear what the participants have to say. Learn from their input to make future webinars even more productive.

We know from experience how important it is to reach a large audience – anywhere in the country or even around the globe using this latest technology.

Have fun!

PS: If you are looking for ways to build your online business – including how to have insane results from your webinars, click here to check out the program that we have been using.  It works for us and can work for you too.

5 Steps for Online Marketing Success

Take Something You Like and Make it Your Own.

This can be a powerful tool when building any business. There are many marketing programs, techniques, and processes that can be implemented to grow your online business. But one key to success is to build on something you like.

Traditional direct marketing has always been based on the concept of checking out what the competition is up to. A good direct marketer will be interested in seeing what others are doing and if something shows up over and over, you can be assured that it works. The next step is to adapt your marketing program to use that information to build your own business.

For example, if you see your competition using online webinars to build their business, then it is worth checking out. If they are using Google AdWords to beat you to the customers first, then it is going be valuable for you to learn more about online search marketing. And if you see a similar program using Twitter to reach out, you should also see if Twitter can work for your business.

Do you just copy someone else’s program? Is that okay to do?

Exactly copying the online marketing program that someone else has developed rarely meets your needs. Maybe they are trying to attract a different audience. Maybe their products are different than yours. Or maybe they have just duplicated someone else’s program in hopes that it works for them.

Five Steps for Online Marketing Success

1. Identify the Competition.

You should already know who your online competition is. If not start researching now. See who is appearing everywhere online marketing the same type of products and services. And make sure you have found the entrepreneurs or businesses that are successful to study.

2. List the ten things you think make them successful.

Of course there are going to be many things that a successful business – online or offline – will be doing to promote their business. But rather than trying to figure out everything just concentrate on the top ten things that you have determined to be their keys to success. And see if these programs are used by more than one successful competitor.

3. Narrow that list to the top three things that you would like to be doing.

Your most valuable asset is time. And since you can’t be doing everything, you should focus on the three things that you feel are productive and that you would like to be doing. If they are using Facebook and you like spending time there, put that on your list. If they are using ads but you don’t like all that detail work, leave it off.

4. Map out a plan on how you can start using those three techniques yourself.

You already know your products and services; your strengths and weaknesses; and use that information and your imagination to determine how you can apply these proven methods to your business. Create your map using a timeline showing what you can do this week, this month, and this year.  Be as detailed as possible in your planning.

5. Try these new programs out for yourself.

Start right away so you have time to test things out. As you continue to develop your marketing plan you will be able to test and learn. If things are working, build on those techniques. If some programs are not turning out how you would like, make adjustments and keep at it.

This may sound like just common sense. But most successful marketers don’t have a magic formula. They are continually learning about what works for them in their business. You can use that same technique to grow your business as well.

Good luck!

How to Make Twitter Work for You

Twitter can be a great tool to use to build your online audience. Twitter can also be an incredible black hole for your time. How can you make Twitter work for you?

Of course the first step is to sign up for an account. You can go to and get started. This is the easy part. There are only a few requirements to include – after all the concept is based on micro-blogging where you only send out messages of 140 characters or less.

You can personalize your Twitter profile and you should do this to make yourself stand out. When visitors see a plain page, it shows a lack of interest in making this powerful internet tool work for you. Be creative and personal. People want to interact with people, not impersonal companies or worse yet spammers. Upload a good photo, one that gets people’s attention so they know who they are talking with.

The Twitter internet interface provides you with all of the functions that you need to start you out on your Twitter journey. Try it out. See what works for you.

Then if you want to use a more powerful platform, check these out:

  • HootSuite – where you can organize your Twitter life in an amazing format. It may take awhile to figure it all out, but it is worth the effort if you are serious.
  • Tweetdeck – which is similar to HootSuite in the functions offered. Either one can work out for you.
  • Twillow – can also provide you with a similar set of tools. But this platform is great for finding others with similar interests as you. Twillow also allows you to provide a much longer biography and that can be useful to present yourself to the Twitter world.

There are many other programs that can useful and over time you will want to check them out. One hint is to check out the source mentioned on other Tweeters Tweets showing what they are using. If one is showing up a lot in your communications it is a good sign that it is worthwhile.

After you become familiar with what you are doing, a great tool is the e-book titled “How to Become a Twitter Expert in 24 Hours 3.0” which you can find at This resource gives you so much information that it will take more than 24 hours, trust me. But in the first day after starting to use this handy report my I gained almost 50 followers! And they were well qualified, not just spamming bots. I can’t recommend this one highly enough.

I also found the Klout score showing up on HootSuite to be an interesting measure of how others are measured in the Twitter world. You can see more information at See how you measure up.

Now time to get busy. No free lunch here, but judging by the success of others Twitter can be a good tool for you to use to build any online business. Internet marketing can be fun!

Good luck.