Gluten-free Shaklee dietary supplements

Gluten-free Shaklee dietary supplements
October 2008

The Shaklee Research and Development staff recently tested Shaklee dietary supplements for the presence of gluten. The products listed here are gluten-free:

Dietary supplements

Alfalfa Complex
Carto-E-Omega (Vitalizer)
Cal Mag Plus Chewable
Cholesterol Regulation Complex
Defend & Resist Complex
Energizing Soy Protein (all flavors)
Fiber Plan Tablets
Fiber Plan Unflavored
Garlic Complex
Gentle Sleep Complex
GLA Complex
Glucose Regulation Complex
Immunity Formula I
Instant Protein Soy Mix
Joint Health Complex
Liver DTX Complex
Meal Shakes (all flavors)
Memory Optimizer
Menopause Balance Complex
Mental Acuity Plus
MoodLift Complex
OptiFlora Prebiotic
OptiFlora Probiotic
Pain Relief Complex
Performance (all flavors)
Saw Palmetto Complex
Stomach Soothing Complex
Stress Relief Complex
Sustained Release B+C
Vita-C Sustained Release 500mg
Vita-C Chewable
Vita-E Complex
Vita-Lea (with / without iron)
Vita-Lea Gold (with / without K)
Vita-Lea Infant Mix
Vita-Lea Ocean Wonders

Cinch Inch Loss Plan Products

All Cinch Inch Loss Plan products are gluten-free with the exceptions of the Berry
Almond Crunch and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Meal-In-A-Bar, which contain oats.

January 2009

Shaklee scientists are hard at work testing our nutritional supplements for the presence of gluten so we can make a “Gluten Free” claim for those products that pass the test-great news for our gluten sensitive customers and for Distributors and Business Leaders marketing our products to people who are or may be sensitive to gluten.

To date, there has been no legal requirement to test for gluten to make a “Gluten-Free” claim, nor has the FDA provided a final definition of what “Gluten Free” means or established a gluten threshold standard to test against. Despite these facts, many companies have marketed gluten-free products basing their claims simply on the absence of ingredients that contain gluten.

While generally reliable, that practice has never met Shaklee’s quality standards. However, with the passing of the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act in 2004, the FDA has now issued a proposed rule defining the claim “gluten free” for voluntary use in labeling food and dietary supplements. The proposed rule also included an established “gluten threshold” to test against.

Although a final rule is still pending, based on the proposed rule, established testing standards and the increase in demand from Shaklee consumers, we are now able to test for the presence of gluten in Shaklee nutrition products and make “Gluten Free” claims on products that meet the label claim criteria.

It should be noted that the majority of Shaklee nutrition products do not have gluten containing
ingredients, with the exceptions of Herb-Lax®, Vita-E® 400 IU Tablets, Iron Plus C, Zinc, and the Cinch™ Meal-in-a-Bar products.

We are excited to announce that Shaklee has begun testing our products and as a result, customers will begin seeing new labels with the “Gluten Free” claim on selected products over the next several months.

Shaklee Field Support

Our newer products, Vivix and Vitalizer, are also gluten free.

Individuals with gluten intolerance have generally been advised to stay away from oats. Recent studies have found, however, that gluten intolerance is caused by the intestine’s immunological reaction to a very specific sequence of amino acids in one of the proteins commonly found in certain grains. Oats do not contain this reactive protein sequence and are therefore considered to be gluten-free when consumed in moderation.

For the record, dietary supplements containing oat-derived ingredients are:

• MoodLift – Green Oat extract
• Berry Almond Crunch and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Meal-In-A-Bar

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