What Happens When They Say No?


Any successful sales person knows that the odds are against them. For every person that is contacted the majority are not going to be interested. Or they don’t have the time. Or something else is more important at that moment. Or maybe they are having a bad day and you are just the one person they don’t want to hear from next.

So how do you handle the rejection?

First remember that it probably isn’t personal. They just aren’t interested for many possible reasons and it rarely has anything to do with you or the message you want to share with them.

You don’t need 100% of the people you contact to sign on to be successful. If you get 1 out of 10 it will probably be a good day. The great days are when you get 25% positive responses.

And keep it in perspective. You want to share the great Shaklee products with everyone. And some people will want to be your best customers. The ones that decide they want to work with you to build their own business are going to be the most valuable to you. No matter which category the customer falls into they are both important to your success.

So when you hear a no, remember that there are plenty of other potential customers and business partners out there. Make another phone call. Send another post card. Post another flyer. Send another email. Post another message on an online message board. Put another ad up on Craigslist.org.

It is always easy to give other people advice. But if you want to be a success remember that it only comes with a lot of hard work. Shaklee can give a lot of the tools but no one can do the work for you.

Our favorite quote is from one of the top Shaklee producers (see her boat in the photo on my profile): “I probably make more money than you because more people have told me “no” than they have to you!”

Good luck!

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