Life Immediately After the Military

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Have you recently separated or retired from the military? Maybe you’re coming up on that date in the near future. Will you be using the experience and knowledge to go back into government or contractor service? This is a typical path. Are you following the typical path? Do you wish you can follow a different path?

In today’s economy government service is one of the more comfortable and “safe” jobs compared to commercial jobs on the market, when you can find them. Here’s the more important question…are you still passionate about serving in government service and is that truly what you want to do as opposed to having to do it because there is no other choice?

There are other choices.

As much as military members are proud to serve their country, some of us just need a change of scenery. Have you thought about going into business yourself? Many have aspirations to open a restaurant, a shop, retail store, a fast food chain, etc…the start-up cost and brick & mortar address can be several thousand to millions of dollars. Not every business has this start-up cost associated with it.

Robert Kiosaki, business builder, investor and bestselling author of personal business books has endorsed a business he calls “The Business of the 21st Century”. It has very low start-up cost, no inventory, no employees and low operating cost. In the information age we are now in, using the internet to connect people, Kiosaki says “our network determines our net worth.”

This business is multi-level marketing (MLM), a multi-trillion dollar industry. In my opinion the majority of military members could generate a sizable income in a MLM business. Why? Because with any business leaders get things done!

You don’t have to keep trading hours for dollars. People are only as wealthy as the money they have to live their lifestyle without trading hours for dollars. That’s either having millions in the bank or having money generated through business or investment without having to trade hours for dollars. An MLM business is just that, a business that can generate as little or as much money as you desire.

Don’t get stuck in a paradigm that keeps you working for someone else. Be your own boss. Make the paradigm shift. Be an entrepreneur in a turn-key operation that most MLMs can offer. The only way MLM business owners make money is to help others make money. That’s the beauty of the system. Don’t let your broke, in-debt up to their eyeballs, friends and family hold you back from doing something amazing for your family. You can do this!

Are you a leader? Are you ready to be your own boss?

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Rik Lepine

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