39 Things Runners Wish They'd Known Before Their First Race

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Signing up for your first road race is an exciting yet daunting task.

A lot can go wrong. Chafing, bowel movements, and bloody nipples are just a few things newbie runners need to watch out for on race day. However, if you plan ahead, so much can go right—like an automatic PR (personal record), a huge sense of accomplishment, and an awesome overall experience.

To help ensure your race goes smoothly, we asked running enthusiasts, veteran racers, and even professional runners what they wish they knew before their first time.

Hydrate and Eat Right

Tips Runners Wish They Knew Before a Race

Go to the end of the line of volunteers at the water stations.

Don’t get caught in the panic and chaos that usually gathers around the first few volunteers. It’s a lot less hectic once you get past these people. — Katie Dobbs, four-time half-marathon finisher

After you’ve grabbed water at a station, get to the opposite side of the course ASAP.


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