4 Gyrotonic Moves That Take Traditional Exercises Up a Notch

Source: http://www.sonima.com/fitness/gyrotonic/

For some, Gyrotonic® may as well be the name of some obscure Greek cocktail, not the unusual physical practice that it is. Any teacher of the Gyrotonic Expansion System knows how difficult it is to convey in words what Gyrotonic is and what it offers to someone who has never experienced it. I’ve heard teachers describe it as ‘circular-Pilates’ or, ‘yoga without the poses,’ even I resort to this terminology for brevity’s sake. But, the true definition of Gyrotonic is much more complex. The medium through which Gyrotonic is delivered is similar to that of Pilates in that there are large pieces of specialized apparatuses on which a practitioner can take private sessions with a certified teacher, or use independently. There is even a mat version of the practice, known as Gyrokinesis, which excludes the use of equipment.

Gyrotonic is a progressive body conditioning system created by Juliu Horvath, which employs key principles of swimming, ballet, gymnastics, qi gong, and yoga to work the body in a circular, integrated manner. What’s unique about Gyrotonic and what makes it so challenging is the three-dimensional movement it employs. Many people used to linear exercise systems find it daunting at first because of how much more awareness is required and how little control is initially felt over the body. In addition to the three-dimensionality, the movement is coordinated in rhythm with specific breathing techniques. The c…

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